Bamboo River Rafting & Countryside Experience - JAMAICA

This was a true experience, from the speed of the shuttle driver down the winding roads in Jamaica. The drop off site was a very small building where we signed in and walked around back to the river.   The adventure started with a ride down the Great River on a 30-foot handmade bamboo raft while enjoying the beautiful tropical surroundings, which was piloted by Howard. 

We enjoyed the fresh air and relaxing sounds of the Jamaican rain forest.  As we push off, our raft guide explained a variety of interesting details about the Great River and Jamaica's rich cultural heritage.  Howard pointed out different flowers and trees.  He pulled a gorge out of one of a calabash tree and explained that years ago this was what all there dishes (bowls, cups and plates) were made of.   He proceeded to cut the top off and clean the inside and made us a drinking cup as a survivor.  Howard said it will last for years and years and as it dries out it will turn a dark brown.  

Next we enjoyed a natural foot and calf massage using limestone paste made from the river rocks (he went over to the bank and picked the rocks).  The foot & calf massage is  locally known as 'Jungle socks'. 

After the rafting tour, we went to a banana plantation and receive a demonstration about the banana plant from Dalton,  all its uses and how it played a part in the development of the surrounding community and society today.  It is truly amazing all the products and uses from the banana plant, leaves and stalk. 

We indulge in an authentic Caribbean Lunch; and completed our day in the country-side with samples of local coffee and coconut liqueurs made by Lillifield.   They made us homemade pina colada’s using a fresh coconut.